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October 30, 2013

New MD Rules on Award of Attorneys’ Fees

The Maryland Court of Appeals has adopted new rules, generally effective on January1,2014, governing awards of attorneys’ fees.The rules include a new chapter of rules that apply to attorneys’ fees claimed by law or by contract, and contain provisions for pleading,documentation and other evidentiary requirements,a list of factors to be considered by the court in determining an award, as well as provisions for presentation of limited evidence in certain types and amounts of claims. In addition to this new chapter, several existing rules dealing with the award of attorneys fees have been revised.Furthermore, the Court has adopted a set of guidelines(derived in part for the Local Rules of the US District Court) regarding compensable and non-compensable attorneys’ fees , including the number of attorneys at a deposition or a trial who can be compensated in the award of fees. The content of these new and revised rules is too detailed to be discussed in a column such as this. Please see the Rules Order adopting the 177th Report to the Court from the Rules Committee which can be found on the Maryland judiciary webpage,

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